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Transport Services

Snapper Transport Servicessnapper

If your store is based in Wellington, you’ll know Snapper is the seamless way for people to pay for a wide range of transport services including Bus, Taxis, the Wellington Cable Car and Parking services.

Thousands of Snapper transactions are made per day and there are now around 200 retailers/stores across the Wellington region. Snapper is now available for the first time in: Tawa, Mount Victoria, Rongotai, Fairfield and Ngaio and there are more stores to come.

Activata can easily set your store up to offer these Snapper services:

  1. Snapper Transport cards including Snapper Red and Snapper Green cards
  2. Snapper top up sales and other transactions such as check balances
  3. Concession purchases for example Go Wellington30, Runcimans, Valley Flyer bus services

It’s that simple!

Gain space back on your counter

There’s no need for a second terminal, Activata’s single terminal system lets you perform ALL your prepay services including phone cards, prepaid SIMs and top ups, Snapper transport card and top ups PLUS your banking.

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Snapper cards and top up services attract customers to your store, where they will often buy other items too. If you want to get the competitive edge by offering Snapper, get in touch with us on 0800 960 000 or click here to order Snapper cards.