About Activata

We help retailers improve the payment experience.

Activata is a paytech business committed to helping retailers deliver great payment experiences.
We provide EFTPOS terminals, point of sale (POS) solutions along with payments via a weekly rental/billing platform, all under one roof alleviating the need to deal with multiple vendors.

Our team are committed to helping retailers create a great payment experience to grow their business.

We also provide a range of business ready solutions which include broadband internet and insurance. In addition convenience retailers are able to access Activata prepay services for mobile top up, digital currency and the like which provide customers with an opportunity to offset equipment rental.

As paytech specialists Activata also distributes the next generation people counting sensors (V- Count) to further aid retailers to improve store analytics and performance.

Activata is also a retailer distributor of open loop Bonfire Gift Mastercards, telco mobile SIM cards and transport ticketing.

About Activata

Activata is headquartered in Auckland and has offices in Wellington and Christchurch to support customers.

Dave Spicer


Activata is a paytech specialist and thought leader poised for further growth. Its proprietary billing platform enables paytech equipment, POS, payments and Activata prepay services to be marketed to New Zealand retailers looking to differentiate themselves.

Grant Jennings

General Manager

I believe that our focus on helping retailers deliver an excellent payment experience including EFTPOS, POS and payments under one roof makes Activata New Zealand's paytech experts.

Phil Proctor

Business Development Manager

Activata is a paytech specialist that delivers significant benefits to convenience stores and general retailers. It enables retailers to vend digital products such as mobile top up, prepaid power, transport ticketing, digital currency and more.

Cameron Woods

National Sales Manager

Activata's comprehensive range of paytech offerings makes life easier for New Zealand retailers, as they can access multiple products and services from a single provider, eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors and systems. This is a unique advantage that sets Activata apart from many other paytech specialists in the industry.

Shyam Singh

Operations Manager

Activata strives to enhance the payment experience of its customers by offering digital assortments to expand its product selection and entice shoppers. Our customers highly appreciate our reliable uptime and exceptional support.

Rhys Hemmingsen

Head of Delivery and Solution Design

Activata's focus on paytech is impressive, as it allows general retailers and convenience stores to benefit from the sale of a wide range of digital products. From mobile top-ups to prepaid power, transport tickets, digital currency, and more, Activata's expertise in this area can offer considerable advantages to businesses seeking to diversify their offerings and enhance their revenue streams.