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We sell the prepay products that drive people into your store.

Phone Cards

The biggest selling rechargeable phone card brands in New Zealand are available through Activata.

Bring customers into your store by giving them the choice of all the leading brands of rechargeable phone cards from Spark, Compass Communications, Vodafone and CardCall. There’s a phone card for every destination and every type of caller.

Activata phone cards are plastic cards activated by swiping through your existing Eftpos terminal. They have no value until activated, so there’s no risk of loss or theft and you can use Activata’s innovative display stands to maximise your sales.

You earn on first time sales as well as on phone cards recharged in your store. Most importantly, there’s no upfront outlay so the profit in phone card sales could be substantial.

Best Sellers

Talk ‘n’ Save

  • Incredibly cheap rates around NZ and the world 24/7
  • Low connection fee
  • Simple, straightforward, no hidden charges, no hooks
  • www.talknsave.co.nz

Cheap Chat

  • Cheap rates around the world
  • One toll free access number for all calls
  • High quality digital calling
  • www.prepaidcards.co.nz


  • Hot national & international rates 24/7
  • No connection fee
  • Rates include GST
  • Simple, straightforward, no hidden charges or hooks
  • www.kiaoracard.co.nz

Good performers


  • Great rates 24/7 to South America, Asia and Australia
  • 15 languages available
  • 10% bonus on $30/$50 cards
  • www.cardcall.co.nz

Pacific Talk

Hot rates for the Pacific

Call quality guaranteed every time

No connection fees

Call from any phone, anywhere


Talk Talk

  • Well positioned for South East Asia
  • Hot rates to China & Korea
  • Fantastic per minute rates
  • www.prepaidcards.co.nz

TalkPlus Global

  • Fantastic international rates
  • Toll free access from 34 countries
  • No connection fees
  • Foreign language options available
  • www.prepaidcards.co.nz

Who we are

We provide high quality service and excellence in activation, payments and promotion.


We are Kiwi owned and operated and Our New Zealand based teams are always ready to help.

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