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0800 960 000


Let our network become your network and reach consumers where they go the most.

Over the Counter Payments

Empower consumers with alternative payment methods where they go the most – their local store.

Activata’s over the counter payment methods offers consumers alternative payment methods to maintain their accounts so you can retain their business without compromising profitability.

Our solution enables consumers the ability to make payments:

  • In small increments quickly and securely
  • Outside working hours
  • With minimal queuing
  • At thousands of outlets based locally in the community where they go the most (no need to visit traditional Banks and payment “bricks and mortar” type institutions

Offering localised, over the counter, full or part payment methods makes it much easier for consumers to keep up with their payments so you can benefit from better cashflow and reduced debts.

Activata’s alternative payment channel also has a proven track record in maintaining customer interaction and engagement and extending customer longevity.

Minimise credit risks

Managing credit control can be a real issue when embarking on new retailer relationships. Activata decreases this risk of bad debt by including your brand within our “essential services’ weekly cash collection so you can easily manage your funds flow.