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We sell the prepay products that drive people into your store.

InvoicePay | Bambora Invoice Merchant Service

Do you have customers that invoice you today?

Accept Visa and Mastercard payments online even if you don’t have a website!

Apply a surcharge so that you’re not charged any fees.

Simply add our ‘PayNow’ button to their invoice or just email or text your customers the link.


  • Customer enters card details
  • Their payment is processed by Bambora and confirmed
  • Customer can choose to have a receipt emailed to them
  • Optional surcharge at a % chosen by you


  • Secure payment page that’s hosted by Activata and Bambora
  • Accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards
  • Access to back office portal to run reports, view payment history, process refunds and card storage
  • Zero transaction cost by using our surcharge functionality
  • Receipt is automatically emailed to the customer once payment is completed successfully

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