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We help retailers improve the payment experience.

Separator Activata is a paytech business committed to helping retailers deliver great payment experiences.

We provide EFTPOS terminals, point of sale (POS) solutions along with payments via a weekly rental/billing platform, all under one roof alleviating the need to deal with multiple vendors.

Our team are committed to helping retailers create a great payment experience to grow their business.

We also provide a range of business-ready solutions which include broadband internet and insurance.

In addition, convenience retailers are able to access Activata prepay services for a mobile top-up, digital currency and the like which provide customers with an opportunity to offset equipment rental.

As paytech specialists, Activata also distributes the next generation people counting sensors (V- Count) to further aid retailers to improve store analytics and performance.

Activata is also a retailer distributor of open loop Bonfire Gift Mastercards, telco mobile SIM cards and transport ticketing.