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We sell the prepay products that drive people into your store.

Displays & Point of Sale

Drive your sales

Effective display is a vital key to successful sales. According to studies by the POPAI (Point of Purchase Association International) as much as 82% of buying decisions are made in-store. That means in-store and Point of Sale displays are crucial to guiding your customer’s experience and driving the sales you need to thrive. Your success is our success, so we assist retailers in our network and our partners with their display needs to sell as much product as possible.

As every retailer knows, you can’t sell what your customers can’t see. Our methods of display are designed to bring products within easy reach of consumers, attracting their attention and encouraging inspection.

SIM Display stands

We offer a choice of floor and counter displays appropriate for the available space and the product set to display. These displays maximise product exposure while taking up as little floor or counter space as possible.

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Point of sale

We have a wide range of Point of Sale material including Activata window stickers, posters, countermats and tent cards to position at or near your till.

You can also order Point of Sale items from mobile network operators such as Vodafone, Spark, Skinny, 2 Degrees and prepaid power and transport service suppliers such as Globug and Snapper.

To check out all Display and Point of Sale options and to order, click here. You can also contact us on 0800 960 000 too discuss your requirements.

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